Meditating With Crystals & Chakra Pocket™

Meditating With Crystals & Chakra Pocket™

Can crystals help you meditate? While you do not need crystals to meditate, crystals can enhance your meditation practice in many ways, especially when wearing Chakra Pocket™ apparel.

Taking the time prior to meditation to look within and feel the connection to your desired crystals is healing in itself.  Speaking your intention as you weave your chosen stones into the Chakra Pocket™ continues to deepen your connection to source.  Once in the mediation position of choice, you will be able to focus on each blocked chakra and the direct connection to your chosen healing gem.  I often physically feel the vibration of my crystals during meditation and it is a very powerful, energizing, and cleansing experience every time I use my Chakra Pocket™ (which is always btw!).

When it comes to meditating with crystals, the only thing you need to take into consideration is your intuition.  Let it guide you and you will gain clarity.

For example, amethyst helps with thinking clearly and listening to your intuitive promptings. While meditating with amethyst, place your crystal into the third eye or crown Chakra Pocket™ of your headband or hoodie.  Focus on the connection to your chakra and the healing energies of your crystal.  As you take deep breaths, imagine purple light coming from the crystal and encompassing you in a safe space. This space will protect you from all negativity and help you focus on your goals clearly.

Every crystal is unique and, everyone who uses crystals has a unique personality. Crystals help people with what they need the most at that particular time. This is why everyone’s experiences will vary. Now that you know a little more, I know you will enjoy deeper and more healing meditative practices with Chakra Pocket™ apparel.  By Kristen Fritz, Owner/Co-Creator

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”

William Shakespeare

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