How Chakra Pocket™ Came to Be

How Chakra Pocket™ Came to Be

For decades I have been drawn to energetic healing practices. Crystal healing started back in my teens when my mental health was compromising my physical well-being. After a near fatal experience from pharmaceutical medications to treat severe depression, I knew healing of my mind, body, and spirit, had to come from within. 

Blessed by the gift of the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay, I began to realign my thoughts and create the peaceful and self-loving life I desired and deserved. The realization that all thoughts emit frequency and we attract what we put out led me to energy healers and the introduction of crystal therapy.  

Awestruck by the pure beauty of mother nature’s creations, I felt an instant sense of joy and peacefulness coursing through my body as I ran my hands through the bowls of stones. The dopamine surge I experienced every time I connected to a chosen gem was undisputable. The more I researched alternative and frequency healing modalities, the more enthralled I became. 

I was constantly tucking the stones in my pockets, purse, and bra, which sadly resulted in many lost crystals. I’d lovingly tuck them under my pillow at night only to awaken to a search mission or to an imprint of my gemstone on my cheek. I know some believe if you lose a gemstone it has healed what was needed, but that never resonated with me. So much thought and intention was put into the crystals I chose and it was always a disappointment to lose them.  

Chakra Pocket™ was inspired by my desire for a constant connection of my gemstones healing energies to my chakras all night long. I remember the first night I used Chakra Pocket as I slept. I was overjoyed to wake up still fully connected to my crystals. From then on, I wore my Chakra Pocket to meditate, practice yoga, took it with me for reiki treatments, and even did chores on the farm without ever losing a stone! I immediately knew this was a product I needed to share with others who are on a quest for higher consciousness and self-enlightenment.

Whether you are an occasional or frequent user of crystal energies, I know Chakra Pocket will strengthen and elevate your healing experience as it has for me.  May your affirmations be heard, intentions be blessed, and manifestations bring you all you desire.   By Kristen Fritz, Owner/Co-Creator

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are”
Max De Pree

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