• Daily crystal therapy made simple

  • Those of us that work with crystal frequency healing know how powerful the connection to our chosen gemstones is for our mental, spiritual and physical health. 


    While many different approaches to clear and rebalance our blocked chakras are used, none are as simple or effective as wearing Chakra Pocket™ apparel.   Lying still on our back and placing our stones on our chakra zones is not only time limiting, but also challenging when targeting our crown and third eye chakras.  A crystal rolling off our head disrupts our meditative state and the healing connection. Sleeping with our stones under our pillow often has us tearing our bedding apart searching to find them in the morning.  Tucking crystals in our purse, pant pocket, or bra frequently leads to the disappointment of our precious stones being lost along our travels.  Even if blockages have been cleared, we have invested time, money, and instinctively chosen our crystals and it is always an upsetting sensation to discover them missing.


    Chakra Pocket™ apparel not only eliminates these problems, but it also provides a constant and targeted crystal healing experience to any or all your chakras no matter what activity you choose to do.  Speak your intentions as you weave your stones into your Chakra Pocket™.  Deepen the manifestation of your desires, intensify your psychic abilities, enhance healing, and connect with your higher consciousness. Have peace of mind that your crystals will remain embraced right where you need them for as long as you choose.

  • Take crystal energy healing to the next level, knowing your stones are being held right where you need them. Each pocket is perfectly positioned over one of your seven chakras. Speak your intention and weave your chosen gem into the soft mesh pocket. Our mission is to simplify chakra healing through strengthened crystal connections for a life that blesses us with all we desire.

    • Fully Created & Made in Canada
    • Eco-Friendly, Ultra Soft Bamboo Fabric
    • Securely & Discreetly Holds Crystals
    • No Distracting Zips, Snaps, Fasteners or Tags
    • Heightened Connection to Source
    • Feel the Energy, Not the Stone

Connect to healing frequencies while you sleep

If you sleep with your crystals, you’re no stranger to waking up to find you've lost your connection to your gems somewhere in the bed sheets or even tossed across the room. With Chakra Pocket™, that is no longer a concern.

Meditate yourself to sleep knowing you will be fully connected to your crystals healing frequencies until the sun rises. Wake up energized and ready to seize the day. Our incredibly soft and soothing eco-friendly bamboo jersey fabric will keep you comfortable all night long.

Target all seven chakra zones during meditation

Wearing Chakra Pocket™ clothing during meditation allows you to simultaneously target all seven chakra zones. Focus the healing energies of your crystals exactly where you need it, enhancing your connection to spirit & your higher consciousness.

Enhance your yoga practice with crystal healing

Whether you’re in plank, crow, downward dog or even headstand pose, Chakra Pocket™ keeps your crystals securely in place over all seven chakras, taking your yoga practice to the next level.

  • Reiki healing is commonly combined with crystal therapy to enhance energetic healing and strengthen intentions. Wearing your Chakra Pocket™ clothing during your reiki session will allow you to experience a deeper meditative state without the interruption of a crystal shifting away from it's intended chakra zone, especially your third eye and crown chakras.

  • Reiki Masters will also benefit from wearing Chakra Pocket™ apparel. Keeping your stones centred on your own chakras while working with a client allows you to stay charged, balanced, and protected throughout the session.

Don’t just take our word for it

Wow, the fabric is incredibly soft and adds to the soothing experience of crystal healing!

Jenna H.

Chakra Pocket™ helps me reach a deeper connection to my higher consciousness...a meditation must have!

Matt S.

Truly a game changer for crystal energy healing!  

Andrea P.

At last, a product that keeps my crystals centered at each chakra zone!  I use mine every day...

Taylor L.

As a Reiki healer, using Chakra Pocket™ loaded with protective crystals helps keep my energy fields free flowing.  Love this product!

Anita H.

I wake fully rejuvenated every time I sleep with my Chakra Pocket™ on.

Emily R.

I know what I'm getting my friends for Christmas!  Great product, great packaging and Canadian made too!

Janelle L.
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